I offer lending solutions for just about all your buyer’s situations.  Perhaps there have been unexpected credit challenges, a non-warrantable condo, or a self-employed borrower with cyclical earnings.  

Below is a sample niche I can offer:

·         Loan amounts up to 3 million

·         90 % ltv no MI (Can use 24 months of business or personal bank statements, or assets as income)

·         Can use asset depletion income with bank statement or full doc program to get under 50% DTI!

·         Stated income to 70% ltv non-owner

·         Short sale/Bankruptcy/Foreclosure seasoning better than conventional and fha (can do 1 day out)

·         No reserves required

·         Accept higher DTI's than conventional and fha

·         Unlimited Gift of Funds

·         Late mortgage payments in the last 12 months are ok!!

·         Mortgage loans for foreign nationals

·         Non-warrantable condo’s (loans for condo’s that fannie and Freddie won’t purchase)

·         No pre-pay penalty on all programs.

·         Fico scores down to 500 

·         Interest only programs                                                  

·         Can finance someone who owns 20 properties!

·         Stand alone 2nd’s down to 550 fico score (Can use Bank statements for self-employed)               

I invite you to run any scenario by me.